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When deciding the right operating system for your network between Linux VPS vs Windows VPS, you have several Linux options in addition to Windows servers. Therefore, you should review costs, attendance, features, and so on, Before making a decision. 

While Linux is open source, Windows includes some basic features that give users free control. Services are software that manages hardware functions. Equipment In most cases, it ranges from a single host unit connected to the local network to specialized high-tech cloud-dependent outdoor equipment. 

So what operating system do you use, Linux or Windows, to power the server? Your choice depends on the needs of your business, your IT experience, and the software you install. In some cases, this may determine the type of provider to use.

Introduction to VPS


VPS, commonly known as cloud server, offers users more advantages at lower costs than those offered through physical servers. However, by adopting a new virtual server on a physical device, clients have more control and less interference from other hosts. It is reliable, adaptable and economical to meet the needs of many customers. With a VPS, unlimited resources are used in an integrated offering.

Choosing a VPS is good advice for organizations and individuals who want a low-cost, custom dedicated server. In addition to providing a secure platform and a customized platform for web hosting and applications, VPS collaboration mode offers more flexibility. It is much simpler than a physical server. You can expand your resources to help your customers use exactly what they need and easily handle different utility products. VPS is a combination of the best factors of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. For a private server, the next decision the client will make is whether to choose a VPS that uses Windows or Linux operating systems.

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What is Linux VPS?

A Linux VPS is used for a VPS running on a Linux system. This VPS is one of the most frequently used services because a usual Linux VPS server is going to be more than sufficient for a user. Being open-source, this service is more affordable and may give you better reliability than Windows VPS services.

Also, the performance of this kind of VPS is better than the other services and can provide you with more optimized settings. It is also offer you direct SSH access which is a valuable option for your web hosting environment. If you wish to utilize Linux VPS services, then you should select one of the following items:

  • Linux Shared Hosting: it is one of the web hosting services where all resources will be shared. In this technology a single physical server hosts multiple sites. One of the shared plans offered by this item is deluxe Linux hosting with cPanel. This service allows you to host multiple websites, and use unlimited storage and bandwidth. Another shared hosting of Linux OS is economy Linux hosting with cPanel. In comparison of deluxe, economy service can only hosts 1 website with limited storage of 100 GB.
  • Dedicated Hosting: it is a hosting solution opposed to Linux shared hosting. With a dedicated service, you get your own Linux dedicated server. All resources such as CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and data transfer will be allocated to yours.

What is Windows VPS?


As you probably know, Windows VPS hosting is a service works on Windows technologies. In fact, all virtual server set-ups that use Windows Server Management Tools are a usual candidate for using Windows Virtual Private Server. You know, Windows is the most popular operating system in the world.  The current Windows OS has over 400 million users by itself.

Also, Microsoft has the wide variety of software and Windows tools used by many users all around the world, and it is one of the main gaming source for gamers. This kind of VPS service offers its own particular advantages which some of them are listing in the following features:

  • A Cost-effective Solution: a Windows VPS is a highly affordable choice for many small to mid-sized businesses. 
  • No Shared Resource and High Level of Security: in a Windows VPS, each virtual server has its own environment. As a result, data will not be shared and the level of security will be increased.
  • Ease of Use: Windows-based servers are entirely user-friendly and come with graphical user-interface that are well-suited for beginners.

How to choose the right OS for your VPS

Both operating systems may provide better performance for websites and applications, but some significant differences may make them better for some customers. Distinguish between the two platforms, differentiate the two options and allow you to choose the platform that best suits your needs.

  1. Price

As an open-source solution, Linux could be the beginning of a cheaper solution. Some Linux distributions, unlike Microsoft Windows Server, do not charge a license fee. This is a huge difference between these two operating systems and is quite confusing for the customer who is interested in it at first. Limited budget. Other concerns may influence the final decision, but if you only consider Linux licensing, it is a cheap and easy to use approach.

2. Harmony

If you want to use Microsoft applications like Microsoft’s office with better performance, Windows VPS is an obvious choice. Linux VPS matches authentic users with certain Linux software. You need to have a more precise review of the product you want to use and make sure they are fully compatible with the appropriate program.

3. Safety

Security for web applications is an important consideration when choosing the hosting plan. Due to its well-known reputation, Windows is a good target for hackers looking for business IT resources. Attackers also try to get into Linux security, but generally fail. Linux was designed with strong security in mind, and the user community strives to keep it as a secure option for the operating system. If security is your main concern and you are used to using an OS, we recommend using Linux. It is important to remember that consistent patch design and management is required to keep the operating system secure. So if you don’t know how to protect your Linux server, buy managed services or choose Windows servers and additional services.

4. Performance

If performance and working hours are an issue, Linux is probably the best operating system. Linux has many opportunities to upgrade servers and reduce hardware consumption. The Windows server needs a lot of restoration and affects the system product, so restart is needed after using the patch. The Windows GUI can use unnecessary resources if it is not updated and improved. You can disable the Windows GUI by providing options to prioritize PowerShell and reduce resource usage, but this is not a common approach in most cases. Linux is increasing server resources and is still considered a big shot, but Microsoft is still looking for an upgrade.

5. Control Panel

The control panel used to manage and design your website depends on the operating system you choose. Linux systems use cPanel or Web Host Manager. On Windows VPS, Plesk is the used control panel. Knowing each of these solutions can affect the choice of operating system to host your VPS. Administrators can install a software package on another operating system, but work-related issues are not considered valuable. If you need a control panel, we recommend that you select the OS first.

6. User-friendliness

Windows VPS offers a more intuitive interface with its popular GUI. Even with additional management tools like cPanel, Linux VPS requires more technical knowledge than Windows solutions. Users who interact with the system can make decisions when choosing an operating system. In general, a Windows VPS is much easier to use than a Linux alternative. You can add the GUI to other Linux distributions to eliminate the need for operation. Use the command line. However, most GUI users use additional features and can cause additional security issues, thus limiting certain advantages of Linux on Windows.

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Wrapping up

Some aspects of implementing Linux or Windows VPS can produce inconsistencies that customers have to deal with when deciding which operating system to use. We recommend that you choose the cheapest route. It usually refers to a Linux solution, but with a Windows-based VPS, organizations can operate in familiar environments, but security issues can lead you to choose a valid Linux installation. As with most decisions in life, you need to have the right balance.

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